Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Airbase ( 2200 City without a name )

Copyright Tiong-seah YAP (c) 2008 . (2200 City without a name)

Another 3d model of my 2200 City without a name , based on my original pencil sketch idea .Southeast asia's culture elements are the references for my design which i am focusing on , but i not going to duplicate a bali or thai building or even angkor wat , because in my project it is not a ancient world for today but some place existed in the fulture , and the balance between technology and traditional is the fun part here. ( a aspect of today , where we heading to ? :) )
I have a lot of fun when i doing this image , first i enjoy myself doing the environment design , second i have been waited for a long time to see my pencil sketch in turnable 3d version .

Original pencil sketch and some color and ligthing study :
Copyright Tiong-seah YAP (c) 2008 . (2200 City without a name)

Clay render in Lithographic print( one of my favorite techinique) style design , just for fun :
Copyright Tiong-seah YAP (c) 2008 . (2200 City without a name)

Techinique note :
1. Modeled and rendered with maya and mental ray , texture painted with photoshop . final lighting and texture touched up with photoshop . Original render size in 4k height .
For someone who want to know :
for some people who suffering in memory problem with mental ray to render out a large image ( > 4k or 5k even go to 10k with heavy polygon ) , you can find a mel script for mental ray tiles render at highend3d homepage , the usage is simple and a very nice mel script for tiles render .( thanks a lot to the people who wrote this mel script )

Edited:Thanks a lot for the award from , and the Master award (Environment Category) of " Elemental 3 " by Ballistic Publishing , thanks a lot to you , i appreciate it .

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