Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sita k4 ( 2200 City without a name)

Click to zoom (Sita K4 - Copyrighted by Tiong-seah YAP . 2008 All rights reserved)

Latest 3d Still image focusing on my another machine inside " 2200 City without a name " - Sita K4 . This is a underground world's machine bike .Everythings Modeled in Maya (Sita and whole enviroment)based on my design in pencil Sketch and photoshop drawing(see below) . i like the headlight a lot , and spent a lot of time to get a " correct size " of it :)

Draft idea in pencil sketches :
Click to zoom (Copyrighted by Tiong-seah YAP 2008)

Final sketch and texture study in Photoshop :
Click to zoom (Copyrighted by Tiong-seah YAP 2008.)

IBL Rendering version in front and rear look :
Click to zoom (Copyrighted by Tiong-seah YAP 2008.)

Techinque Note : Modeling / Rendering in Maya and Mental ray , Original size in 3.8K Width .Textures all painted with photoshop . Front layer (Sita and Tower) and background (residential unit and sky bridge) rendered out separately ;Occulsion layer was applied . Final lighting touch up in Photoshop .

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