Friday, 6 June 2008

Train station - 2200 City without a name

(Train station - 2200 City without a name )
Copyright Tiong-seah YAP 2008

This is a long waited 3d model for myself ,a latest design of Train station in "2200 city without a name " finally get it done,here is one of the selected angel ,modeled based on my design in pencil sketch ( see below ) ..The Train is on the way back to the station ( should be back soon :) )

1st and 2nd Pencil Sketch and with color/lighting study in photoshop :
Latest Pencil sketch .
Copyright Tiong-seah YAP 2008.

Color/lighting study in photoshop .
Copyright Tiong-seah YAP 2008.

1st Pencil sketch .
Copyright Tiong-seah YAP 2008.

This work is a challenge for myself , First i hope to design it with diferrent feel to Airbase but keep the main style of design , second it is a half-open style building , the constrution between interior and exetior need some time to play around , detailed but not too fancy , ( i afraid to repeating myself , i cant imagine what is my mental reaction in the future world ,when i see a " Clone me " at front of me : ) ) i tell myself all the time to avoid to design too much of fancy elements but keeping my favorite pattern's decoration . i try to give a dynamic feel of design , kind of construction with rhythm ( for me the movement of structure must be there for a transtation ) ,and between the machanical and organic form still give me a lot of fun to play around when doing the design , can't describe the feeling .The " Airbase " is at the end of this image hope u can find it .

Clay rendering in design look :) :

Copyright Tiong-seah YAP 2008.

Technical notes for some people who want to know :
1. Modeling and Rendering with Maya and Mental ray , texture maps painted with Photoshop .Original Size in 4.8k (300dpi) . Occulsion Layer was applied ,final lighting and textures touched up in Photoshop .
2. " Bulb" about Occulsion layer : render out some mask when necessary for a better fine tune on occulsion layer ( sometime occulsion cause your image look " strange " , unless you like the effect :) )
2. The background sky is a matte painting , i did it when i doing my first photoshop painting for Transtation and the character is a 2d photoshop .
3. the enviroment smoke is post-effects in Photoshop , for sure it is possible to use maya-dynamic or maya fluid effect to create the smoke , but i want to save some rendering time :) ( p.s be nice to your machine , although there are just machines , and the oil price is keep climbing , it is good to help to save some energy :) i dont want to see any more stupid war because of " OIL " )
4. " Bulb " about Zdepth: if u looking for a zdepth map to create depth of field ( dont over do it , unless u try to achieve some interesting effect, try to study some photoshooting for a idea of DOF ) . there are some possibility to create Zdepth but here is my easier suggestion :(1)select all the object and apply a render layer to them ( Caution:sometime render layer option can give you some trouble , better to save your files in a diferent name after apply it ) , click the right mouse button - there is a list - go to Presets - Luminace Depth . (2) Inside Render Setting , uncheck the Alpha Channel and Depth Channel . (3) go to your camera Attributes editor - under Camera Attributes section : uncheck " Auto Render Clip Plane " and tuning the " Near / Far Clip Plane to control the Depth you need . that is :) enjoying your " DOF"
5. "Observation" is a key for learning , "Imagination" is the soul of new world , " Technique " is something to "interpretate " your idea , don't fall inside each of them , it is not " healthy " :)
6. Contact me if you need a " Bulb " , but sorry for my late reply because i always " lost my way home " inside my work :) and enjoying what you are doing ( this is very important for your health ! :) )

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