Monday, 21 July 2008

Hornbill Express ( 2200 City without a name )

copyrighted 2008 . Tiong-seah YAP (c)

A Latest design of the Train/Transporter in " 2200 City without a name " , after some sketches ( see below) here come the latest 3d version . Here is the underground level of Train station , the Hornbill coming from the tunnel and is going to land on the Cranes , and will be lift up to the terminal later :)

2 images with IBL Rendering (front/rear) for a better view on Train :
Copyrighted Tiong-seah YAP (c) 2008 Copyrighted Tiong-seah YAP (c) 2008

Here are some of pencil sketches : (click to zoom)Here is one of Photoshop for some color ad texture study : ( Click to zoom )
The pencil sketch of underground level of train station :
Occulsion Layer :

Technique Notes :
1.Modeling / Rendering with Maya and mental ray , Texture maps painted with Photoshop . Postproduction in Photoshop .( Lighting ; Smoke effect ) ,the Figure is a 2d Photoshop ,Origial size is 4.8K width .
2.Here is the quick overview of my Lighting setup : ( Click on the image to enlarge )

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Drakath said...

WOW, wonderful and very inspiring work. Thx